Welcome to the Altadena Stables blog!

Thank you for visiting our blog. Altadena Stables is a professionally run full service equine facility, operated by Janell Gruss. Nestled at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains and only 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, it is worlds away from hectic city life.

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Horse Riding & Driving Lessons

If you’re ready to escape the hectic life of the city, consider learning to ride horses with Altadena Stables! Only 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, we offer a whole other world filled with horses and riding and driving lessons:

Riding Lessons - For ages 5 to adult, we offer private riding lessons for both first time riders and experienced riders looking to enhance their skills. Our program teaches from the ground up and emphasizes safety, horsemanship and good sportsmanship.

Driving Lessons - If you aren’t ready to ride or if riding isn’t for you, give driving a try! You can still capture the joy of learning an equestrian skill by driving. Fun for the whole family, driving is done through the use of a bridle and verbal commands and can add a new level of understanding in communication between you and the horse.

At Altadena Stables, we offer riding and driving lessons all year long. Whether you’re a first time rider or an experienced equestrian, we can help you achieve your goals.

2014 Summer Camp Ends... Lessons Continue!

At Altadena Stables, we're happy to report our 2014 summer camp has gone as well as ever. We planned a wonderful summer filled with great opportunities for your children to be involved with horses, and we could hardly accommodate everyone who wanted to be a part of the camp this summer!
Altadena Stables summer campers get to ride often in addition to learning how to take care of the horses. They groom, saddle, bathe and are involved in many other activities focused around the horses. This summer, we’ve seen familiar faces and experienced riders brushing up on their skills, and new faces and riders improving even beyond our expectations.
Although summer is coming to and end, lessons do not. All year long we teach equestrian foundational skills and safety precautions. Our lessons also provide a great format to interact with international students. We've had students from France, Germany, Japan and Taiwan take lessons while abroad, and they often participate in the summer camp as well.
To join us next year during the summer of 2015, you can begin signing up for camp in February. Remember, if you love riding or want to see if you love riding, you don't have to wait until summer. Many of our campers have enjoyed riding so much they’re continuing regular lessons with us during the rest of the year, and you can too!